Sweet Scheme


The tsai-fi (pronounced sci-fi) collection of twisted but adorably, cute artwork was launched five years ago as a creative outlet. I graduated from a design school in New York City and had extensive experience designing and illustrating for the toy, fashion and gift industries, yet I hungered for a way to showcase my own flow of original, artistic ideas. The corporate design world was a limiting environment for an artistic lady such as myself. My passion for design and my sassy sense of humor is apparent in all of the charmingly playful artwork that I create.

Currently I live in Baltimore, Maryland. My favorite medias that I use to create my artwork include painting, drawing, sculpting, digital rendering, silver-smithing and sewing. I have had my work displayed in galleries, exhibitions, shows, art publications, online, newspapers and magazines. I have also collaborated with other artists and with Urban Outfitters on a limited edition t-shirt collection.

I am inspired by daydreams and my own world of make believe. The world of tsai-fi was created to be an escape from everyday life so my love of fantasy movies is a huge influence for my art. The other two major inspiration areas include popular Asian culture and my everyday life experiences.

Please contact me if you have a project that you would like to inquire about, if you would like to stock tsai-fi in your retail store or if you have any type of question about my artwork. I would love to hear from you!