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Octopus Babysitter Baby Shower Cards/Invites

Octopus Babysitter Baby Shower Cards/Invites
Once upon a time, the mermaids of the Smashed Sea were babies. Before they started to drink vodka from the bottle, they loved their milk bottles. Check out this cutie being entertained by her Octopus babysitter.

This print is the first in a collection of Baby Mermaid prints. Since my art tends to be a little adult themed in nature, I have has many requests for mermaids that are appropriate for all ages. This print is called Octopus Babysitter. Stay Tuned for more young mermaid prints.
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I sell my designs on greeting cards through Zazzle so I can offer the full spectrum of my artwork. Pls send me a request if you would like any of my other artwork on cards or invitations.
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