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Year of the Rebel Rooster Necklace

Year of the Rebel Rooster Necklace
Year of the Rooster: This pendant illustrates the tsai-fi version of the year of the rooster. Roosters definitely talk the talk and walk the walk. Life is a stage to these confident drama queens. They love to argue with anyone who'll take part especially about their look is more fabulous than yours. You are a Rooster, if you were born in 1945,1957, 1969, 1981,1993, 2005

Materials: Leather, clear enamel, sterling silver chain, wooden cameo

Size: 1 7/8 " Tall X 1 3/4" wide

Sterling Chain is 18" long

The pendant is available in five leather different colors brown, blue, green, beige and burgundy

All artwork and content 2009 tsai-fi

Price: $35.00
Pendant Color*